Piloting activities

Between December 2020 and March 2021, the WinEra partners implemented a series of piloting activities. The purpose has been to evaluate the project’s Intellectual Outputs – namely, the educational course and learning platform – so as to collect valuable feedback that would be used for the finalization of the products.

Six piloting sessions were implemented with a total of 21 participants, representing:

  • Wineries
  • Trainers/mentors
  • Students
  • Amateur wine producers
  • New incomers in the wine production industry

Most sessions were structured into two or more parts; at first, the partners implemented online meetings to get to know the participants. Then, the participants were given free time examine the educational content of the platform and the self-evaluation tests. Finally, a second meeting was held to discuss impressions, suggestions, and the feedback provided by the participants.

Due to the pandemic crisis, the piloting sessions were implemented online. The project partners conducted virtual interviews, created open discussions, and shared presentations with the participants in order to facilitate the evaluation process. Others means used were online evaluation questionnaires and written feedback through emails.

The piloting phase of the project was regarded very successful, as all partners managed to obtain insights, recommendations, and suggestions for improving the educational course and learning platform.